Embedded Real-time Apps

Cash Flow Forecast: You can gain a complete, accurate and timely picture of your cash flow. You can also Include optionally open documents like POs and sales orders in calculations.

Advanced Available to Promise (ATP): Obtain real-time inventory transparency and minimize costs by re-scheduling sales orders. Aggregate inventory on hand, promised and desired dynamically.

Intelligent Forecast: Provides Statistical forecast with built-in models, incorporating trends and seasonal factors. SAP Business One automatically selects the best algorithm. Forecast results can be used in MRP wizard.

Delivery Schedule Management: Stay on top of your scheduled deliveries, changing quantities on the fly. See scheduled delivery date and quantity of:

– Sales orders with positive quantity

– A/R reserve invoices with positive quantity

– Inventory transfer requests

– Production orders

– Purchase orders with negative quantity

– A/P reserve invoices with negative quantity