Efficient management of stock movements

SAP Business One records goods receipts and issues in any warehouse and allows you to track your stock transfers from one warehouse to another. The application can integrate individual item prices or price lists, updating inventory valuation at the same time. It also fully  integrates inventory and accounting trans- actions. As a result, when stock levels are  adjusted, inventory accounts are immediately credited or debited, and applicable inventory variances are accounted for as soon as a stock movement is posted.

The pick-and-pack manager function lets you create pick lists rapidly and pull the listed items from the inventory. You can perform cycle counts while orders are received and shipped, so business activity does not have to be  delayed to perform stocktaking. If the cycle count shows a level below the minimum stock point or a stock level discrepancy, the software notifies those in designated roles and purchasing managers.

The inventory count functionality allows you  to record initial quantities, perform inventory tracking, and post stock differences by warehouse, item, vendor, or any custom-defined property. Stocktaking forms are generated  and printed using the print layout designer  or the SAP Crystal Reports® software in  SAP Business One.

Comprehensive available-to-promise functionality


With SAP Business One, you can perform instant availability checks and track item stock levels with real-time visibility of the inventory you have “available to promise.”  The software provides you with quantity  details, adjusted by what is already committed to other customers, incoming purchases, and production orders.

Thanks to the power of SAP HANA, available-to-promise (ATP) checks occur in real time. You can propose new delivery schedules, control delivery quantities, and reschedule deliveries on the fly. And before you put your plans

in action, you can simulate the impact of any planned adjustment.

The ATP function takes into account items that move inventory out of your warehouse, such as:

• Sales orders with positive quantity

• Accounts receivable reserve invoices with positive quantity

• Inventory transfer requests

• Production orders

• Purchase orders with negative quantity

• Accounts payable reserve invoices with negative quantity


Sophisticated inventory tracking and costing

SAP Business One provides comprehensive support for inventory tracking and valuation. It supports multiple unit types, so you can purchase and sell your inventory in different units – such as buying in cases and selling in individual bottles. You can set up warehouses in zones, managing inventory by its bin location in each warehouse.

The application lets you create an unlimited number of price lists, integrate multiple currencies, preassign prices to specific customers, and define discount rules that are automatically applied to transactions with vendors and customers. Special pricing tools allow you to manage discounts based on volume, cash, or customer accounts.

The software supports both serial and batch number management. You can generate  and assign serial or batch numbers to items  received from vendors and draw from available batches when items are released. You can integrate bar coding to pick or transfer items between locations.

Costing methods – such as FIFO, moving  average, serial and batch, and standard price – are fully integrated to give you a deep  understanding of your item costs, letting you  accurately define prices and item discount.


Optimized inventory and production processes

The SAP Business One application helps streamline your inventory and production management processes. It can help manage detailed warehouse data, optimize stock locations, track and record stock movements, and execute production orders.

The software’s warehouse and inventory management features provide reliable information about inbound and outbound shipments as well as current inventory levels so you can cost-effectively manage your supply chain and increase customer satisfaction. You can keep track of product inventory, quantity at each warehouse, movement history, and stocking status from your desktop or mobile device.

An integrated application, SAP Business One reliably synchronizes your inventory, order, and financial accounting data. The software automatically values each goods movement and cost and price change, eliminating any need for manual interaction and reducing associated errors and their costs.

Using the application’s integrated production functionality, you can manage various types of BOMs and link your warehouses with your order processing and production operations. Additionally, you can plan material and  resource requirements for multilevel production processes and maintain an optimum  level of inventory.

Real-time inventory and production management

Inventory represents one of the largest expenses for many small and midsize businesses. Balancing accurate inventory management with cost-effective production is crucial for delivering on promise and keeping customer satisfaction high. The SAP Business One® application offers best-practice functionality to help you meet your inventory and production management requirements.

In order to improve on-time delivery and reduce shortages without maintaining surplus inventory, businesses need an integrated application to manage inventory accurately across multiple warehouses and locations. The application should provide several inventory valuation models and support consignment and drop shipping. It should facilitate core production planning, including material requirements planning and production orders management, and provide multiple types of bills of materials (BOMs). 

It should give you real-time access to accurate information on inventory and production orders from your desktop or mobile device, whether you are in the office, at the warehouse, or at a remote location.

SAP Business One provides exactly this kind of support, and powered by the SAP HANA® platform, it provides the latest in in-memory computing technology at a price you can afford. Available in the cloud or on premise – the choice is yours.

New Version of SAP Business One With Key Features to Help Small Firms Go Digital and Run Live

SAP announced general availability of the latest version of the SAP Business One application with new features, including intelligent analytics, project management and an app-like interface for real-time access to main business functions.

Available both on premise and in the cloud, SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA, helps small and midsize enterprises (SME) and subsidiaries of.

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